The Otomoto.ng/blog website started a few days ago as I’m typing, yes 🙂 Thank you for joining our blog and we hope you find it useful, our aim is to help ordinary people with their car repair problems and also share our individual profession ideas in the field of Automobile Industry.

We aim to grown and become like an online mechanics to benefit and grow our various community in Nigeria with collective expertise unsurpassed by most free online services all for free except otherwise.

Today users are welcome to browse over all topics, throw your questions and wait for various comments and answered or sign up and get notified about updates in answers of questions asked or you can ask your own question. We hope our experts will promptly answer you back with advice, repair guides, videos, wiring diagrams, and component locations. The only thing we ask is for is you to continue with the thread until a conclusion is reached. This helps others with the same problem.

Our Team

We hope to build a team with standards in the coming days as we progress. We are happy to involve everyone to participate if you are passionate about fixing of Motor Vehicle.

Best regards,
Matthew Sunday
Founder Otomoto.ng Portal

Welcome to Otomoto Nigeria Automotive blog, we create contents that will assist in understanding Auto repair procedures: Automotive marketplaces in Nigeria. we inspire the best decisions, connecting people with cars, spare parts & technicians.