Vacum pump – what is it and how to repair it?

Vacum pump is an element installed in all diesel engines. vacum pump work is invaluable. What should I do if the pump fails?

What is a Vacum pump?

The Vacum pump , or vacuum pump, is responsible in the car for creating a vacuum. Due to the pressure generated, it is possible to work, for example, a brake servo. In vehicles, two types of pumps are most often used: piston and displacement. In the first case, the piston is moved by a camshaft driven pusher. On the other hand, in the displacement pump, the vacuum generating element is the rotor blades located eccentrically.

How to repair a Vacum pump?

The basic activity that will extend the life of the pump Vacuum is the filter exchange membrane solenoid EGR valve. Even small impurities can cause damage to the friction parts of the pump (rotor, chamber, rotor blades), and what’s worse can be clog in the holes. The regular replacement of engine oil also contributes to the longer service life of the Vacum pump. What matters is its quality – avoid buying low quality oils. Of course, during the oil change, do not forget to change the oil filter .

Symptoms of Vacum pump damage

One of the most common symptoms of Vacum pump damage is oil leakage. Interestingly, in most cases this leakage results in the characteristic smell of burnt oil. Why? Because the oil escaping from the Vacum pump drops on a hot engine, where it burns out. The smell of burning oil is one of the characteristic and easy to recognize. Leaking from the pump can be seen, because the pump will be greasy and traces of oil can be seen on it or it’s area. The second symptom of the Vacum pump damage is the deterioration of the braking system, because the pressure generated by the Vacum pump powers the brake servo which is responsible for improving the user’s inhibition. If you notice problems with the Vacum pump, you can not ignore them but to start repairing it as soon as possible.

Vacum pump repair

In most cases, the repair focuses only on the replacement of pump seals. The sealing process is not difficult and every individual should be able to deal with it. Remember to use kits for this purpose. It is unacceptable to use silicone because its residues can damage the pump. Due to the relatively low prices of used parts, a common solution is to buy a used pump, then seal it and replace it with the one currently installed.

In some cases it is very difficult to find a seal kit the fits your vehicle. In this case, you need to read the technical documentation and get to know the pump number used in your vehicle. When we know the pump number, all you need to do is find a seal kit designed for it, not for the car brand. If the pump has been seriously damaged, the best solution will be to purchase a new one. Unfortunately, the prices of new parts are not that cheap but you have to fix it as soon as possible.

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