What do the colors of smoke from the exhaust pipe mean and how do you have to react?

Exhaust smoke, You leave the garage or parking lot, look in the mirror and … you see that smoke is running behind your car. The uninteresting situation, but you can get something useful out of this article about exhaust color, you’ll learn what your car is sick with.

Under normal conditions, the smoke emitted from the exhaust pipe should be fairly colorless. We can see it if we look directly at the outlet of the system (exhaust pipe). Also, we should not be surprised by the steam billowing from the pipe if it is cold outside. During cold and high humidity, the hot exhaust gases blow off steam, even in very large quantities. It is not a black or blue color – everything is fine. This is normal both when starting the engine and driving. It is also not surprising that just after the start-up a small amount of dark smoke will come out of the pipe, especially for cars with diesel engines. However, we are talking about “letting go of the balloon,” rather than regular kicking, where neighbors from the block make themselves vulgar and close their windows. Water can also flow from the exhaust system,

White smoke should be for mama fish roaster

White smoke: This smoke is created when the engine is burning excessive amounts of coolant or water. This smoke can be created by condensation in the internal areas of the motor or if there is a leak where the coolant is entering the piston. The white smoke may also be due to the leakage of anti-freeze or transmission fluid. Coolant or water that burns in the engine will cause such a color.

It could get there through one way – when the engine leaks. The engine is surrounded by a system with coolant, which should not get inside. White smoke therefore generally means a failure of the gasket under the cylinder head. This is bad news. The seals are not particularly expensive. In the case of popular compacts, they cost from several dozen fo Naira depending on the model of your car. The exchange is labor-intensive and therefore expensive. The prices start from 40k to 100k depending on your car model and service outlet. The symptom accompanying the white smoke and the blown gasket is a quick loss of the cooling liquid. The engine usually starts to work with little pattern – if you know your car well you will notice changes to the driving conditions, breaks, lacks power. The replacement of the gasket should not be delayed, the sooner we do it, the less collateral damage it will cause.

Replacing the gasket is a mild judgment in comparison to the second possible diagnosis – cracking of the cylinder head or the burnout of its edge or engine block. Such repairs are really expensive, in total the replacement of the engine is cheaper.

Blue smokes (exhaust smoke)?

If what comes out of our exhaust pipe has a blue color, it is also not very comfortable. This symptom means one thing – the engine burns not only gasoline but oil. At best, valve sealants are to blame. If they are unserviceable, leaky, it allows the oil to drain into the engine over the valve stems. The cost of new sealants is not much – a few dozen of nairas per piece, but the exchange can be expensive. It depends on the construction of the engine.

This color of smoke can also mean a turbocharger fault or oil sucking through the ditch. Likewise with the turbocharger, but here we go towards several thousand unless we decide to overhaul the engine. Before we start serious repairs, let’s also check the air filter – it happens that its soiling causes the blue bubble to emit. In older cars, this symptom indicates high engine wear.

Black smokes

This happens most often to diesel. The reason is too much soot particles in the exhaust. Where does it come from? With improper combustion. In general, this indicates a poor regulation of the engine, which gets a too rich mixture. A visit to a mechanic should help, it may be necessary to replace the EGR valve. In the worst case, black smoke means an injector failure or the need to replace the DPF filter, which is expensive as well – several thousand NGN will resolve that and a good mechanic can help.

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